Wednesday, November 27, 2013

wreck this activity book

I got an activity book from a Kid's Meal from Wendy's.  The theme is road trip activities.  Cool because I'm reading Jack Kerouac's On the Road for English.  I even made a playlist for it.  Road Music But most of the activities just apply to long road trips and you can get anywhere you need to be in Guam within 30 minutes.  So I decided to wreck this activity book with my lame art. Yes I got the idea from Wreck This Journal.  And this is cool because I'm not spending $10 or whatever on a book telling me how to art.  I may lack creativity, but I know how to art.  Here's what I've made so far. 
kite in the sunset
 ghost in the sunset
 space girl

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Coming of Age

I'm growing up again.  I thought I finished that "coming of age" bullshit back in 10th grade but I guess finding myself is different from growing up.  Actually I didn't think growing up was all that important, not right now anyway.  But my personal problems last week made me realize that I have to be more independent.  I need to get out and let myself grow.  Staying on the internet and spending time at home is ok, but I'm going nowhere with routine.  My personality is too big for sameness.  I need adventure, even if it's a small one.  Hopefully I'll find courage to follow my dreams, but until then I'm just going to do things that will lead me there.  I plan to get my driver's license by next year, so that's a start.  And hopefully I'll get a job and save up for my dreams.  I made a playlist for adventure a few days ago. Adventure Music

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Two Princes - a poem

I don’t know why
I admire a Guy
who trashes Rolexs every week
despise some idiot
who falls
love with

a different girl every month.

I'm getting back into writing. This is just a start.  

November so far

School is still overwhelming me and I have some personal matters that are just adding to my stress. Not even my weekends feel sacred anymore.  Things are getting fine, but I still need to work harder to make things right.  There will never be a perfect day, a perfect week, but all I want is five minutes of no stress.  I need to do different things rather than homework and internet because I'm getting sad for no reason with this routine.  Rather than analyze why I'm so sad with it all, I'm just going to do things I've wanted to do but have been putting off.  I've been putting off being creative because of school and TV shows but starting tonight I'm going to write a poem.  I know it won't be a great poem, but it will lead me to the gold. 
I've made a playlist a few days ago. Please check it out.
Songs for Optimism
Agana Bay