Tuesday, November 20, 2012

a free verse for my poetry class

It was Yevgeny
I woke up in your dream
At first I didn’t really mind
just swimming in your sound
kissing your freckled heArt
dancing through your museum of memories

Is the DANGER talking to me again?
Don’t listen to it, don’t listen to it...

the DANGER told me to suck the gun
to melt the bullet with my bones

I try to look at you to bring me back
but sanity is already fed up with my bull
doesn’t want me to return to the norm

These dented sunglasses distorts my view of you

Efforts and sweat to stay bland, I’ve failed
I’m the most unique piece of crap  I know
Woop dee freaking doo

the DANGER laughs at my crazy
the DANGER becomes my crazy

I am the murder of this elegant museum
this isn’t paint on my palms
this isn’t remorse in my eyes

I see you in the crevice of the heArt

Nooo!  Nooo! My innocence cries as my inner bitch dies
I’m sorry, nooo

But it wasn’t you dammit
it was freaking Yevgeny

This poem is for my poetry class.  Please comment for any suggestions.  :)