Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Sestina Attempt

October Tears
Never square, never square, never be square just
embrace your demons.  Hold
your fears close like you do me.
Forget your name, your love, your past and
escape far off the grid.  Leave 
you debts unpaid and enter this

nameless place—this
vast green land.  Just
two naked souls drowning in orange leaves.
The earth shall hold
us in her womb and
we’ll be reborn.  A newer you and crazier me.

Drink my October tears and worship me.
I’ll never overlook this
sexy, murderous tale.  And
no fucked up lies will make me go.  So just
cradle my demons cuz I’m never wiggling from your hold.
I’m too mystified to leave.

Though it’s easy to do, you could never leave.
You’re too molded to escape me.
My loveliness is strong like my hold.
You can’t get enough of this
nomadic romance, this radical tale.  Just
stay radical, stay radical!  And

never be square! Let’s make everyday a holiday and
swim naked in the fallen leaves.
Light a candle to our anarchistic way.  Just
you and I.  Two learned nomads.  A fairy tale written by me
and lived by us.  I’ll forever embrace this
nameless place.  I’ll hold

your bread and hold
your hand. And
I promise not to bagel you or escape this
nomadic romance. To leave
would become a regretful life for me.
Let’s make everyday a holiday and just

Our demons will hold us and we’ll neverleave
our turbulent love. You won’t bagel me
and I won’t ruin this liberal romance. Off the grid and just.

This was written for my poetry class.  Tell me how I can fix it.  :D

Monday, October 15, 2012

"After the High" - An Original Villanelle

After the High
Hitched a ride with crazy
That was such a trip
It's what I get for being hazy

Don't know 'bout myself lately
Maybe need another hit
Or hitch another ride with crazy

Need to quit wasting myself & being lazy
Getting bigger and no longer fit
But it's what I get for being hazy

Streets know me as "Broken Lady"
For my bruised face & slit fingertips
Hitching too many rides with crazy

Curl up and bawl like a baby
Waking up feelin' like shit
What I get for being hazy

Puking to pop music from the '80s
Partying can be a bitch
Hitched too many rides with crazy

Chased by dogs with rabies
Ended up in a ditch
Hitched too many rides with crazy
It's what I get for being hazy

This is a villanelle for my poetry class. Tell me what I can change.