Saturday, August 18, 2012

Her realization- a poem

After painting your
love for her in long letters,
Thinking she'll never
love you back, She weeps into
her pillow wondering what could have

(this was supposed to be a tanka, please comment if I did it wrong)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Unsex Him- a poem

Unsex him
Squirm, wiggle, sweat under the leather straps
You can’t escape her
Anxiety overcomes you
She stands over you in her simple country dress
Her smile of determination
Increases your uneasiness
You speak sweetly to her, beg for mercy
She kisses your forehead and punishes you
The punishment was below, but your entire body felt the blow
The blow was vast and electrifying
Sending shivers to your knees
Her finger brushed against your cheek
Before she did it again
You were even more adorable as your grunts outshined her laughs
When it was all over she undid your straps and said ‘I love you’

Monday, August 6, 2012

It needs love- a poem by me

It needs love
Rock star from another dimension
Trapped inside a clown costume
Tall and dark and broken but
He’s been painted bright and jolly
But the make-up can’t cover his woe
Or his battle wounds
He needs something beautiful
He needs something great
Something he doesn’t know
He just stares at the big Ferris and
Waits for something—anything to lighten his darkness
Breathing in the carnival lights, exhaling the nicotine
Then he noticed her
Gentle and mature…beautifully weird
So he followed her to see what she’s about
To understand her soft gaze and her sweet way
To taste her soul and feel her beauty
He wanted her
He needed her