Saturday, July 9, 2016

Mariana’s Voice

Falkor’s sidekick says ‘sorry’ like ‘yore’’ with an ‘s’
And ‘about’ like ‘a boat,’
as if she’s talking about some other boat
 than the one we’re already on.

She’s only an observer,
yet she’s the voice of my Trench,
she is the voice of the ghost fish.

The ghost fish doesn’t exist
on the internet, nor Underwater World.
It has no tales, no trace—
still she believes in its being.

And Falkor shall prove the ghost fish
worthy of a Wikipedia page, worthy of art…

Falkor’s sidekick doesn’t have
the ability to read the depth of my Trench,
yet she feels its yearning to be heard, to be loved.

The sidekick makes me want to care
about the mystery of my Trench
about the bloodcurdling blue nothingness
which isn’t really nothing.

I am nothing compared to my Trench.