Monday, February 11, 2013

Swag Hag Poem

My throat’s all scratched from this screaming I’ve done
My diaphragm is all rubbery from these animal calls
But I carry on until you answer my distresses

O Captain, o Captain! Take me away from these generic hoes
I’m too swag for this ghetto
These bitches be hatin’ but you were always mine for the takin’

So take me now—like I did you…
Please. We’re friends. We’ve partied together and cried together.
I even bought you taco bell.

Take me away on your disco stick because
 This club can’t handle me and my electric sex pants

What good is your love when just our chakras touch…
I need your grasp, I need your smell…and your sexy, dramatic stare

Captain, my Captain, you may not be fly like Kanye
And I may not be glam like Beyoncé,
But this club can’t handle us right now

this poem is for my poetry class. please tell me how I can make it better :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

A song about a stranger by a stranger

After hitting my daily post limit on tumblr I decided to ask followers random questions in their ask box.  I asked a guy, Ed , if he could post a drawing of a husky, but he couldn't.  So I asked him if he could write me a song and here it is  :)  "Jack the Travellin' Man" by Ed Coles  <3