Tuesday, November 20, 2012

a free verse for my poetry class

It was Yevgeny
I woke up in your dream
At first I didn’t really mind
just swimming in your sound
kissing your freckled heArt
dancing through your museum of memories

Is the DANGER talking to me again?
Don’t listen to it, don’t listen to it...

the DANGER told me to suck the gun
to melt the bullet with my bones

I try to look at you to bring me back
but sanity is already fed up with my bull
doesn’t want me to return to the norm

These dented sunglasses distorts my view of you

Efforts and sweat to stay bland, I’ve failed
I’m the most unique piece of crap  I know
Woop dee freaking doo

the DANGER laughs at my crazy
the DANGER becomes my crazy

I am the murder of this elegant museum
this isn’t paint on my palms
this isn’t remorse in my eyes

I see you in the crevice of the heArt

Nooo!  Nooo! My innocence cries as my inner bitch dies
I’m sorry, nooo

But it wasn’t you dammit
it was freaking Yevgeny

This poem is for my poetry class.  Please comment for any suggestions.  :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Sestina Attempt

October Tears
Never square, never square, never be square just
embrace your demons.  Hold
your fears close like you do me.
Forget your name, your love, your past and
escape far off the grid.  Leave 
you debts unpaid and enter this

nameless place—this
vast green land.  Just
two naked souls drowning in orange leaves.
The earth shall hold
us in her womb and
we’ll be reborn.  A newer you and crazier me.

Drink my October tears and worship me.
I’ll never overlook this
sexy, murderous tale.  And
no fucked up lies will make me go.  So just
cradle my demons cuz I’m never wiggling from your hold.
I’m too mystified to leave.

Though it’s easy to do, you could never leave.
You’re too molded to escape me.
My loveliness is strong like my hold.
You can’t get enough of this
nomadic romance, this radical tale.  Just
stay radical, stay radical!  And

never be square! Let’s make everyday a holiday and
swim naked in the fallen leaves.
Light a candle to our anarchistic way.  Just
you and I.  Two learned nomads.  A fairy tale written by me
and lived by us.  I’ll forever embrace this
nameless place.  I’ll hold

your bread and hold
your hand. And
I promise not to bagel you or escape this
nomadic romance. To leave
would become a regretful life for me.
Let’s make everyday a holiday and just

Our demons will hold us and we’ll neverleave
our turbulent love. You won’t bagel me
and I won’t ruin this liberal romance. Off the grid and just.

This was written for my poetry class.  Tell me how I can fix it.  :D

Monday, October 15, 2012

"After the High" - An Original Villanelle

After the High
Hitched a ride with crazy
That was such a trip
It's what I get for being hazy

Don't know 'bout myself lately
Maybe need another hit
Or hitch another ride with crazy

Need to quit wasting myself & being lazy
Getting bigger and no longer fit
But it's what I get for being hazy

Streets know me as "Broken Lady"
For my bruised face & slit fingertips
Hitching too many rides with crazy

Curl up and bawl like a baby
Waking up feelin' like shit
What I get for being hazy

Puking to pop music from the '80s
Partying can be a bitch
Hitched too many rides with crazy

Chased by dogs with rabies
Ended up in a ditch
Hitched too many rides with crazy
It's what I get for being hazy

This is a villanelle for my poetry class. Tell me what I can change.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

"Bageled" An original poem

Take advantage of my kindness
Make me feel important tonight
Leave me weak in the morning

leave me in the morning
Because I’m so fucking boring

Take my butter and jelly
and my happiness
my stars, my moon
my dreams, my sorrows
Take everything I am

Because I’m kind
And weak
I reek of desperation

I’m poetically pathetic
just words, no fighting

A white flag flaps halfway
Saluting my honesty

I wrote this for my poetry class. Tell me what I can fix.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Her realization- a poem

After painting your
love for her in long letters,
Thinking she'll never
love you back, She weeps into
her pillow wondering what could have

(this was supposed to be a tanka, please comment if I did it wrong)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Unsex Him- a poem

Unsex him
Squirm, wiggle, sweat under the leather straps
You can’t escape her
Anxiety overcomes you
She stands over you in her simple country dress
Her smile of determination
Increases your uneasiness
You speak sweetly to her, beg for mercy
She kisses your forehead and punishes you
The punishment was below, but your entire body felt the blow
The blow was vast and electrifying
Sending shivers to your knees
Her finger brushed against your cheek
Before she did it again
You were even more adorable as your grunts outshined her laughs
When it was all over she undid your straps and said ‘I love you’

Monday, August 6, 2012

It needs love- a poem by me

It needs love
Rock star from another dimension
Trapped inside a clown costume
Tall and dark and broken but
He’s been painted bright and jolly
But the make-up can’t cover his woe
Or his battle wounds
He needs something beautiful
He needs something great
Something he doesn’t know
He just stares at the big Ferris and
Waits for something—anything to lighten his darkness
Breathing in the carnival lights, exhaling the nicotine
Then he noticed her
Gentle and mature…beautifully weird
So he followed her to see what she’s about
To understand her soft gaze and her sweet way
To taste her soul and feel her beauty
He wanted her
He needed her

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Treat Her Right" Book Review

Treat Her Right by Lori Foster reminded me of the Marla Singer-Narrator Jack relationship of Fight Club.  In Treat Her Right, single –dad Zack is an average all-American man who becomes captivated by his kooky neighbor Wynn.  Wynn is arrogant in a beautiful way—she lets her emotions get the best of her.   She’s large and has messy hair, but Zack can’t help his attraction toward her.  It sort of repulses him that he finds her beautiful.  It’s almost like how in Fight Club how Jack can’t help but dwell on Marla Singer.  Both Jack and Zack become fixated by women they want to dislike. 
This story was funny and a quick read.
5 out of 5 stars

"Big Driver" Novella Review

Stephen King's Big Driver is a story about the determination of a simple woman.  The main character, Tess, encounters trouble while taking a shortcut and survived.  She now seeks revenge and her need redemption leads Tess to her inner woman- a woman she held deep within herself.  King knows how to grow and twist a plot and Big Driver is a perfect example of his genius.  This novella is featured in King's Full Dark No Stars-- a wonderful collection of novellas that are beautifully written.  I give Big Driver 5 out of 5 stars.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Mask Book Review

The Mask is a novel written by the Master of Terror, Owen West.  It is about a loving woman named Carol who wants to start a family.  Her and her husband Paul don't believe in ghosts, but haunting situations test their skepticism.  The first half of the novel was strictly setting the scene and it sort of dragged.  This story was interesting, but the style that it's being told was a little tasteless.  This is one of his earlier works and he was still developing his style.  The plot twists weren't all that shocking, but I don't want to compare him to Stephen King.  Owen West is his own man.  Owen West is the Master of Terror.  Owen West is Dean Koontz.
I bought it for 50 cents at a book fair a few months ago and I decided to really read it a couple of weeks ago.  Overall I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.

Caught in the Act Book Review

Lori Foster's Caught in the Act is about an undercover cop, Mick, who falls in love with a suspense writer, Delilah. He's been watching her pass his favorite cafe and when he finally gets the courage to approach her, some jerk tried to shoot her.  Mick took a bullet for her which lead to Delilah kissing him.  The writing style was pretty good, everything was described beautifully and really painted itself in my mind.  I like how their love is so true, but I didn't like how they fell in love fast -- a little too fast for my taste.  I'd have preferred if their love started off small or unnoticed and then slowly grew.  I also didn't like how Delilah goes on like being a published writer isn't a big deal.  She is a bit of an enigma.  I remember the noting in my eBook that she was a sexy version of Annie Wilkes (the enigma from Misery).  Delilah's delicate and feminine, but she's a sucker for danger.  Overall, I give this story 3.5 out of 5.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"The Mouse on the Mile" Review

This is the second serial of Stephen King's "the Green Mile" serial novels.  

This story was a little hard for me to follow, because of all the characters and situations that were taking place.  A lot was happening in those 92 pages.  John Coffey (the serial novel's magic man) doesn't play a big role in "the Mouse on the Mile" and that was a letdown for me.  This serial just focuses of life on the mile before Coffey and how Mr. Jingles (the mouse) started off in the mile.

I rate this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.

I bought this one, and serials one and three, at a book fair for 50 cents each.  I finished the first book a few months ago and school has been ruling my life, so I just got back to this.

It's About Time Novella Review

This story was featured in the Bad Boys of Summer novella collection.

Erin McCarthy's It's About Time is about a prosecutor named Trish who believes that she's incapable of being loved.  She shares a pleasant commiseration with a lonely drunk at a bar.  They share their hearts to each other and reveal things they're afraid of admitting to themselves.  This was a fast read and it was perfectly paced.  It's About Time is a hilarious examination of modern love.  It is well-written and I'd love to read more of Erin McCarthy's work.  Overall 4/5 stars. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Secret Life of Bryan Book Review

Lori Foster's novel the Secret Life of Bryan is a modern romance between two people pretending to be things they're not. A bounty hunter disguised as a preacher falls for a woman of high society who's pretending to be a hooker.  This novel is funny and so real.  It made me think about the problems within a community.  We mostly think about the world at large because it's just so mainstream, but overlook the problems close by because they've become our norms.  This novel is so well-written and a quick read.  I finished it within five days.  4.5 out of 5 stars!  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Shining Book Review

I've been reading it on and off but I've finally finished the Shining by Stephen King.  It was a long read and it seemed to drag a bit.  The last 200 pages was when the action started to rise.  The author wanted to set the scene and every paragraph is full of imagery and atmosphere.  This was one of King's earlier works, so I believe his writing style was still developing.  Overall well-written.  3.5 out of 5 stars.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Luscious by Lori Foster- Story Review

Lori Foster's Luscious is the first novella in the Bad Boys of Summer collection.  The story is about a young woman named Bethany.  She's serious and independent, but quit her lame job and dumped her loser boyfriend.  She just wants to get her life in order and is not interested in any romance, but her sexy landlord keeps making it difficult.  This story is funny and kinky (in a sexy way, not Stephen King/Chuck Palahniuk way) and romantic.  The writing is very witty and easy simple to read.  I hope to model my work after Ms. Foster.  I give this story a five out of five. 


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

my tale about the Psycho’s secondhand tale (a poem)

The Psycho told it with drollness…I heard it like this:

The 5000 children were waiting before sunrise
Each brought three items for the Creep to sign
They love him—he is their passion, their hero
They love his genius and style
To them he is a breathing masterpiece

They praise the darkness that he brings into the atmosphere
And get high off his eerie aura

The Creep was tired but willing
His Organizer could see the stress shine off him and gently she rubbed the Creep with ice
Within the first half hour his eyes were wilting, his frown was turning to stone
“My fingers are bleeding,” he mumbled as he scribbled a child’s copy of his misery
“Can you get me some bandages?” he asked his Organizer

“Wait! No!” a kid protested. “Don’t bandage him until he bleeds on my book!”
Every child in line heard this and a chorus of 5000 cried, “Not fair! If the Creep bleeds on his book he has to bleed on my book!”
WTF is what went through his Organizer’s mind

Creep’s jaw fell
She couldn’t believe this poet didn’t know what to say—he was caught off guard
“They’re your fans,” she said
He spread blood on each of those kids’ three things
He was very sustainable with his blood, deepening each wound before cutting a new one

…The Psycho told this story with pleasure and wit
The audience laughed, as if it were the Psycho who had to cut his fingers for 5000 kids

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our Love- A poem

You standout and I just standoff
In this brainwashed institute
Of love, where everyone is trying too hard to be cute
And funny, and everyone is acting like someone they're not
But we're too radical to get caught
In their square ways and blues
Cause we're too young to worry or watch the news
We're too busy partying hard and drowning in punk rock
Our love is beautifully genuine, our love is pretty rare
As others try to be perfect and play it safe
We're already French kissing at the church fair
The nuns are praying for us and our basket case
Love, oh just let them glare
You and I are just going through a faze

Monday, May 21, 2012

KILL THE FLY- an orignial poem

We go on like it's nothing
We pretend that it's not there- it's all over the place
Just one- singular- one
One little fiend is ruining our jive
Swirling pass our noses, tickling our ears
It must die- or anything close to death is good
"Then kill the fly!" What, me? No!
I would never kill a fly!
"Then why are you saying 'it must die'!"
Correction, I CAN'T kill a fly.  I'm too slow.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A poem I wrote. Please comment
Sweet Bad Romance
Rah, rah, rahahah! RAH!
Dancing in the woods and singing in the street
Taking things for granted and everything that's free
Wasting Wednesday nights with you in the park and chowing Cajun
I'll be your Sweet Talk and you'll forever be my HAVEN
You're pretty cool for a guy who never laughs or smiles
As caring as a mother yet as cold as Joe's raging bile
I could just drown in your soups stirred with patience and escape in your blanket knitted with love
You're so beautiful, angry, poetic, hysterical, and wonderful- I just can't get enough
Don't ever say sorry for being narrow and plain 
And I'll stop apologizing for my attitudes and complaints 
I'll still love you if you'd burn down the city and start a war
And I know you'd still love me if I drowned the world or erase the stars
You're my psychopath and I'm your devoted nurse
We'll rock this town with our bohemian blues and love curse
'Cause I can't escape you and you shall never be free from me
There's no place better or worse we want to be
This is a book review on Kody Keplinger's novel DUFF.  DUFF is about a high school senior named Bianca who feels insecure about her looks because her two best friends are the prettiest girls in school.  She's having troubles with her family life and can't wait to leave her town and go off to college.  She just wants to escape.  And she finds an escape in Wesley, the sluttiest boy in school.  She and Wesley hate each other and become "enemies with benefits."  This novel is easy to read and moves quickly.  It could have had more-- maybe a better closure.  I'd recommend this book to young adult lovers-- fans of John Green and Jerry Spinelli.  Overall this novel is a 4.5/5.

Welcome to my blog.  My name is Jo and I like to read novels and write poetry.  This is a blog on book reviews and some original poems.