Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gonna be featured in a chapbook

The chapbook I'll be featured in will be released October 24 at the U.O.G. Theater.  I'm really thankful that my dear friend Ruffa and my rockstar teacher Mr. Harmon has decided to include me and a couple of our classmates in this.  Ruffa says that this project isn't hers, but most of it is her idea.  She has done a lot of the work putting it together and has been doing a good job at it.  I'm grateful to have someone as amazing and brilliant and caring as her.  She is supportive when it comes to making my poems sound right.  And she has really helped me get out of my uneasiness of poetry.

Another person who has been a big part of this project is our teacher, Mr. PK Harmon.  He gave me some good advice a few days ago on how to handle rejection and I'm glad that I have someone as encouraging as him on my team.  I've always been iffy about following my dreams.  I think big, but then act small because I'm fearful of rejection.  Mr. Harmon showed me that rejection is just a part of trying to get published.  So I walk into the darkness with my head held high.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

For Cierra

I've been out of the game lately.  I'm getting overwhelmed with my college classes.  This semester is my hardest and it's not going to get any easy.  Math is my biggest stressor.  My homegirl Cierra and her BFF Mark made math look cool and fun, so I decided to give it a shot and now I'm stuck.  I'm too late in the game to get out.  I thought I could be amazing, I thought I could be a math minor, but this game is more difficult than I thought.  But I will survive.  I know I can get far.  But I've been working myself too hard and I'm not getting anywhere with all this anxiety.  Another thing is I've been feeling lonely as usual.  I try to spend time with people, but they have their own friends.  I'm ok.  I have my own distractors to keep me occupied.  I will make it through because I know what I can do.